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Digital Sheet Music

Traditional fiddle tunes from the tip of the Gaspe Peninsula

Harmonisation : Guy Bouchard
Transcription : France Dupuis

Lead sheet with chords

"Airs-Mémoire sheet music is a tangible way to preserve and disseminate tunes from the local oral tradition. These transcriptions provide basic versions of the tunes with little personal ornamentation. The chords suggested in this collection were first used for accompanying the Douglastown Dance Orchestra. They were later refined to be played in other musical settings. To facilitate future additions, the tunes are in alphabetical order on unnumbered one-sided pages."
Guy Bouchard & France Dupuis


  • 54 traditional airs from the tip of the Gaspe Peninsula
  • Alphabetical table of contents
  • Appendix of references, including the descriptions of Airs piqués and Grand Chain documentary movie tunes.
  • Available to download for 18$


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Assembly Instructions:
After you print one-sided sheets, cut to format 7 x 8.5 inches. Punch two holes to fit in a cut-up folder and make a cover. You'll be able to move the sheets around as needed.


I'm looking forward to getting to know the tunes and hopefully performing some soon! I will also look forward to seeing the documentary video when it is out next year.
~Sarah B., Calgary, AB


This is a great collection of the tunes played out in Douglastown, QC at the tip of the Gaspe! 

~Chris M., East Alstead, NH


Merci, France! I’ve been looking forward to the book very much.  I enjoyed the first edition very much and am looking forward to even more tunes. Regards,
~Andrew K., Wappingers Falls, NY


Wonderful! Many thanks to you and Guy for all your hard work. Cheers,

~Paul B., Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, U.K.



Music from the movie Grand Chain

Available on Bandcamp


Here is traditional music from the tip of the Gaspé peninsula, performed by the Douglastown Dance Orchestra. The musicians of the orchestra collected these tunes as part of the documentary "Grand Chain".


Douglastown Dance Orchestra musicians:
Camille Bolduc: Flute
Guy Bouchard: Fiddle, guitar, foot tapping
Mathieu Fournier: Fiddle, guitar, mandolin, foot tapping
Catherine Gauthier-Dion: Flute
Laura Sadowsky: Fiddle


Éric Bond: Guitar, mandolin
Doyun Park: Fiddle
Marion Trudel: Wooden flute, lilting


Sound and recordings:
Ike Barsalou, Studio Honguedo, Gaspé 


released April 3, 2022


The Grande Chain project, the documentary film, the archive film of the dances, the audio cd, the transcriptions of the dances and the music, are all on the Douglas Community Center page :



Airs piqués

Gaspesian fiddler repertoire on two guitars

Guy Bouchard & Mathieu Fournier

Linked to Airs-Mémoire by its content, Airs piqués is a recording project separate from the sheet music project. The sixteen tracks contain thirty tunes that are in the Airs-Mémoire Sheet Music Collection. Certain pieces are played with a capo, sounding in a different key than the original.

The recordings
are available at
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